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Since the moment I launched my site last month, my bookshelf has been quietly existing on the fringes. It’s not something I’m aiming to draw an excessive amount of attention to, so that’s why I didn’t put it in the site’s top menu. Instead, it can be accessed in the site’s footer and at the end of each post here on the Journal.

My bookshelf is a web page digitally showcasing my favorite books. They’re all books that I keep on my real-world bookshelf or close at hand on my Amazon Kindle.

I love books, but I’m not going to be obnoxious about it. Each shelf on my bookshelf can fit four books. Rather than write a new post about each new book I add, I’m going to write a quick post each time I fill a shelf. Just to be clear, I don’t put every book I read on the bookshelf: only the ones I love the most or have learned the most from.

As it stands, my bookshelf is fairly sparse at the moment, because I’ve only just gotten started with it. So, for the foreseeable future, new shelves will showcase a healthy mix of the books I’ve recently finished, as well as lifetime favorites I haven’t shared yet.

The reason I decided to develop this bookshelf is simply to share the books I love and help others find new books to read. I noticed Austin Kleon was sharing his favorite books on his site in a similar fashion and got inspired to do the same. Gotta put credit where credit is due.

My bookshelf contains a mix of fiction and non-fiction books. When you click on a book, you’ll find the book’s synopsis and some comments from myself that showcase the reasons why I love the book and/or the valuable insights I gained from it.


Shelf #3

I decided to write this post today because I recently added the third shelf to My Bookshelf. So it’s time to share. Shelf #3 boasts two fiction favorites by Neil Gaiman and two recent non-fiction reads I adored by Jeff Goins. Click a book to learn more about it and why I love it:

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